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There are different forms of construction. In the case of the majority of the communities, the houses are made of bundled sticks and straw covered with mud. One of the major viruses currently affecting northern Argentina in terms of plagues is the Chagas disease, a tropical parasitic disease which leaves notable and painful traces in the local society. One of the most effective ways to eradicate the Chagas disease is to build better houses, using mostly native materials with the implementation of a minimum amount of cement for the preparation of adobe, which supplants the use of branches in walls. The roofs are similar to those used in standard construction.

This system is simple to implement and has a lower cost compared to any other type of standard construction. It also allows the owners themselves to be, through a corresponding guide, the direct protagonists in achieving dignity – not only for obtaining a new and improved home, but also by becoming themselves agents of change, aiming at the eradication of the Chagas disease.

We are working on the creation of teams dedicated exclusively to the development of this task. We also integrate other NGOs or institutions linked to the arduous task of improving the housing situation of the indigenous communities.


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